Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Summer Play by Janine K.

If you are looking for something to do tonight or tomorrow, you should check out the summer play! Written by Kyle S. and Hana L., the play, entitled "Human Arts," centers around a handful of high school students attempting to put on a play. Conflict occurs when one of the students discusses their suffering from a terminal illness. Despite this seemingly bleak summary, the play also has subtle undertones of humor that surface, making this play very entertaining.

This play is the last performance of the year, and is the last OES production for various seniors, including director Laurel G., Alex H. and Anna B. Also come and check out Spencer S., our very own Weekly Update reporter, in his first live performance since his debut in the fifth grade Shakespeare play. When asked about the experience, Spencer says, "I took some time off from acting since then, but I think it's improved since then. I hope, at least." Come check it out!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer "Pearls of Wisdom" from the Blophish Staff!

...from Otto

·      Don’t spend all your time inside playing video games or just going on Facebook.
·      Watch movies, lots of them, because during the School Year you’re so busy that you don’t really have time to watch them.
·      Read and finish your summer reading book. Period.
·      "Work it, make it, do it, Makes us harder, better, faster, stronger!" – Stronger by Kanye West
·      Help somebody, anybody.
·      If you are going to work out, actually do something.
·      Listen to Tupac and Biggie.
·      Don’t do your homework, because there is no homework.


…from Andrea:

   Use this summer productively but also take breaks to do things you love.
   For juniors, start your college essays and finish your service hours up so you don’t have to spend all of senior
    year scrambling to get them done!
   Go to Toys R Us
   Buy a fish and name it Pebbles
   Run down a large hill and then eat a panini
   Just eat all the time
   Buy a box of Krispy Kreme’s and then try and eat all of them in 5 minutes
   Play mall tag
   Hang with all your senior friends before they leave!!!

…from Cara D.

Don’t be afraid to jump in and try new things.
Get outside and be active.
Do something that scares you, dare yourself.
Lay in the sun and enjoy your surroundings.

…from Elanie F:

From an international student's point of view, I strongly recommend spending quality time with family during the summer! Actually listen to mom's chatters even if usually you would feel annoyed. Ask your parents if they are worried about something, they have any trouble with their work, and if you can help them as a counselor. At this age I think that we all should not only receiving parents' advices one-way, but we should also be able to actually help our parents with their obstacles in life.

…from Janine:

Don't spend your whole summer instagraming pictures of grass and the sun. Wear sunscreen. Don't wait until August 28th to read your summer book. If you are going to try out a new hair cut, get it in July. In the event that it doesn't work out, you can grow out by the time school rolls around. Sleep. 

…from Adrian:

This summer I am going to eat a lot of meat broth and vegetables and no grains. I don’t know if that diet is good for everyone because it might make people weak and sedentary.  I will make several trips to the record store, but I might need to get a job to pay for records.

…from Spencer:

Seniors: be prepared to act like you're in the dark ages when you return to school in the fall. Track down some medieval armor and get ready to be in Spencer's epic movie

…from Matthew:

Don't argue with the DMV. It never ends well.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Room for Mercy by Lauren G.

Big Star Third by Adrian G.

Listening to Big Star’s album Third, also called Sisters Lovers, is an interesting experience.  The performances are erratic, instruments fade in and out, guitar feed back is noisy and everything drenched in reverb.  Beneath clumsy guitars and pianos are eccentrically shaped songs.  But strange production and poor musicianship doesn’t make for bad music.  It is widely believed that authenticity is more important. ..

Harvest Moon Review by Elanie F.

Harvest Moon is one of the few video games that I have played, but there is no doubt that it is one of the best games for more relaxed players to play. It is a role playing game of life on a farm in a small town. The town people are friendly, the player gets the chance to make friends, give and receive gifts from each other, learn secret recipes from the people, and even get married with one of the boys/girls in town while farming the land and raising animals.

StuCo Election Reactions by Janine K. and Grace C.

This year Student Council focused a great deal of energy into building a new student structure that would take effect for the first time in the 2013 election. Though the new structure has been better received than the structure first proposed this time last year, students still have remaining concerns for upcoming elections.

Food with a Face: Community Supported Agriculture by Hayley J.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Iron Man 3 Review By Otto L.

photo citation below
Finally, a third Iron Man. When Iron Man first came out in 2008, Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr.) took the world by surprise when he combined his witty, eccentric and charismatic playboy millionaire personality, along with his sense of justice when he put on Iron Man suit. First of all, before you watch any movie that has Iron Man in it, watch the first Iron Man. It was a classic. A quick recap, in the first Iron Man, Tony Stark was and still is the owner of Stark Industries, a fictional weapons manufacturing company. Then, the on his trip to Afghanistan he was kidnapped by terrorists who had seized his weapons. He was forced to build a missile for them. Realizing that his weapons had been causing pain to others, he decides to build an armored suit to escape from his captivity. To keep things simple, from that point onwards, Tony Stark becomes Iron Man and fights for justice, end of story.

Just kidding. Anyway, six months following the epic battle against flying aliens in ultimate superhero ensemble movie The Avengers, Tony Stark is now suffering posttraumatic stress disorder and obsessed with building more and more Iron Man suits.  In the mean time, a mysterious terrorist called The Mandarin has been ordering multiple lethal bombings in the Middle East and in America. Stark has now been called to rise up to the occasion. That’s all I’m going to give away. I do have to say that this is probably the funniest Marvel superhero movie to date. Robert Downey Jr is spectacular as always portraying Tony Stark. However, this movie takes a different angle from the Iron Man and Iron Man 2. We see more of Tony Stark without his armored suits; the film focuses more on not the Iron Man suit, but the Iron Man within Tony Stark himself.

This film is great in its own right, it did not top the original Iron Man, but proved to be a much better film than Iron Man 2. In the third installment in Tony Stark’s sotry, we final find out whether his suits define Iron Man or does he define the Iron Man?

photo citation:

Veteran Court: The Beginning of What Should Have Been by Casey J.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

OES Tennis Team by Andrea B.

Photo by John H. 

Last friday a few talented individuals tested out their tennis skills at the state tennis championships in Eugene, OR at the University of Oregon campus. Some memorable accomplishments include both the boys and girls tennis teams winning state! Also, congrats to Hannah H. and Cassy L. who won the doubles championship, and the boys, Kevin H. and Josh Y. who also won the doubles title! Matt S. won the boys singles championship which has not been won by an OES student for over 20 years!

For the boys, Nat S,, Marcus Y, and Elliott F. played, and the girls, Natalie B., Meredith L., Lauren N., Isabel R., and Rachael N. played. It was a overall a successful weekend for the OES Varsity Tennis team! Congrats to everyone who worked so hard and brought home many titles!

The Few. The Proud. The Pained: Confronting Mental Health Issues Among Returning War Veterans by Vijay E.

Marcy Rivera was pissed. She was with her friends, a group that she desperately wanted to be a part of. Even though she was aware of her phobia of crowded places, she knew she had to get outside of her comfort zone. Friends, after all, for an ex-Marine Corps member who had been deployed on tours of duty three times, were hard to come by. But from the instant she set foot inside that club, she knew she was uncomfortable. “I was anxious the entire night. I was on guard the entire night. It was very scary,” she reflected. It had been four long and confusing years for the veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And now she had finally reached a breaking point. When someone pushed her friend, she tried to calmly confront that person. But when that individual got in her face, she snapped. Even though it was only a brief verbal altercation, Ms. Rivera viewed this incident as the defining moment of years of frustration. “As part of the Marine Corps, you are always told to hold your bearing. I lost mine. I could have ripped her head off. I was so enraged and ready to hurt someone over something stupid.” A simple and fun night out at a club with some friends had turned into a near catastrophe, escalating from a trivial situation. Ms. Rivera was at a crossroads. Either she could continue down the same path as before or she could try and seek help that would, hopefully, put a stop to her intense anger. She chose to do the latter.

Run for Your Life: Zombie Apocalypse by Spencer S.

Part of the Circle by Sophie L.

The bird hits the window as it lands on the sill, its head bobbing as it tries to regain balance. One of the volunteers cups her hands around the bird’s body, squeezing the wings down gently but firmly so that the bird is unable to fly away. She clutches the struggling bird to her body with one hand, trying to endure the clawing and pecking as she opens a paper bag with the other. She puts the bird in the paper bag, rolls the top down, and places the bagged bird on the scale. After recording its weight, she releases the bird back in its cage. On the other side of the small room, a veterinarian puts a feeding tube down a duck’s throat, leaves it for a couple seconds, and then removes the tube, returning the incessantly quacking duck to its cage.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Great Gatsby Review- In Its Own Beauty by Otto L.

            F. Scott Fitzgerald’s timeless masterpiece, The Great Gatsby, is now on the big screen again after several movie adaptions (the last one being in 2000 when it came out as a TV film). Many critics have deemed the previous attempts of this classic literature a failure and many people have anticipated that this film will be the first Gatsby film to ever get it “right”. Whatever “right” means depends on your expectations of the movie, if you are looking for an Oscar-winning film, then you may be disappointed, but if you are looking for a movie that shines in its own right then you may appreciate Baz Luhrmann’s (the director of Romeo and Juliet and the Academy Award nominated Moulin RougeThe Great Gatsby.

The Hands Behind the Craft by Katie R.

Black Box Versus Broadway: Why Small Theatres Matter by Harper H.

“I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.”
-Oscar Wilde

To Be, or Not To Be American: Life Status of Chinese Immigrants in the U.S.A. at this Moment by Ava Z

CSI: Portland — Intermountain Forensic Laboratories: The Real Reality Show behind Criminal Investigations By Michael B.

Sunlight from one of the last warm days in November shined on the tan leather of my mom’s 2001 green Acura MDX, giving it a golden glimmer that reflected my mood and excitement for the day.   My mid-length, almost black hair fluttered furiously in the wind of the open window, as Boston’s Brad Delp and I screamed at the top of our lungs, “Livin’ on rock-n-roll music, never worried ‘bout the things we were missing.”  The lyrics were especially fitting, as the least of my worries were the three classes I was managing to miss.  So at sixty miles per hour, Brad Delp and I went hurtling up 205 Northbound into unknown territory.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Gatsby Soundtrack by Andrea B.

Last friday night the Junior class went to see The Great Gatsby in theatres. Personally, I found the movie to be excellent. It had great visuals, cinematography, and most importantly a perfect soundtrack. If you haven’t seen the movie, when first listening to the soundtrack, it might seem a bit odd and contemporary, but on the contrary, the songs work seamlessly with the storyline and characters. Some of my personal favorites are Beyoncé and Andre 3000’s remake of Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back to Black’, ‘No Church In the Wild’ by Jay-Z, ‘100$ Bill’ by Jay-Z, and my favorite ‘Young and Beautiful’ by Lana Del Rey. The song ‘Young and Beautiful’ connects to the characters Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan in such a way that it brings out somber and melancholic emotions. I recommend seeing the film before listening to the soundtrack to fully appreciate the compilation of music and amazing artists, but having seen the film or not, this soundtrack is one of the best I have heard in a long time.

A New Challenge Every Day by Ajay K.

Every time I take my dog for a walk in the neighborhood, I can’t help but notice the Bethany Family Pet Clinic. My dog seems to feel the same way too – as soon as we get within a hundred feet of the building, my dog raises his nose, and starts to sniff the air. In just a matter of seconds, my dog starts barking, and drags me all the way to the front door of the clinic, eager to walk through its doors once more.

Veteran Court: The Beginning of What Should Have Been by Casey J.

The Destruction of Another World by Brian E.

Into the Grimm Corners of Portland by Grace C.

Sex in the City Schools: How Sex Education in the Portland Public School System Has Evolved Over the Past 40 Years by Natalie L.

The pavement is slick as I walk up to the doorway of the portable classroom at Lincoln High School. Strange green carpeting covers the ramp, leading to a red door emblazoned with a white “1A.” As I turn the knob and peer in, I see a spritely woman with short hair sitting behind a desk at the back of the room. Light from the two windows behind the desk floods in, and I am immediately struck by the sheer amount of color that is present in such a small space. We introduce ourselves and I slide into one of the plastic-and-metal desks. She relaxes into a nearby chair, her dangly earrings swinging merrily. Behind her, “Sexuality” is written in bold down the side of a poster, accompanied by a photograph that says, “He’s gay, and we’re cool with that.” I certainly have come to the right place.

The Camera is the Lens of the Soul by Cara D.

Photography is definitely one of the best classes I’ve taken this year.  Whether snapping random pictures around the OES campus or setting up a backdrop to create a professional photo-shoot, I always have fun in the class.  However, photography is not all playing around.  We use manual cameras, which means we actually have to develop film and use an enlarger to project the negatives, the entire process of which you’ll learn in this class. Yes, a lot of time in the dark room is required…. to develop pictures!  Each project helps to learn photography techniques and different ways to use your camera.  For our upcoming project, we are working on recreating famous images from pop culture and art history.  I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!  Here is a picture from a shoot I did with Lauren. It was a ton of fun and I would definitely consider taking this class again!

La Tiene que Tomar por si Mismo by Molly K.

“Nadie le puede dar su libertad; la tiene que tomar por si mismo. Eso es lo que enseñamos aquí.”
“No one can give you your freedom; you have to take it. That’s what we teach people here.”

Northwest Publications Combating Decline in the Newsprint Industry by Janine K.

Newspapers are my sacred texts. I have always held a special fascination for news in print; watching my parents crack open the New York Times every morning, occasionally clipping out favorite articles to share with friends and family. Just as many do with the Bible, I live my life according to newspapers. So it is not a surprise that I have become preoccupied with how technology threatens the standard of journalism, and ultimately my life.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Candidate Statements for Student body President 2013 Election

I’m Natalie and I am running for student body president. When I first came to OES as a freshman, I was nervous and unsure about the future. The only thing I knew was that I liked the community feeling when I shadowed. Almost four years later, the strong community is still what stands out to me about OES. As my senior year approaches, I want everyone to be able to share in the lively community we have here, and to work together to make it even more vibrant. One thing this community has given me is many opportunities for leadership, both within the school and outside of it. I am the president of JSA, I am on the DC, and I am a mentor and tutor to younger students. Outside of OES, I serve on the board of Momentum Alliance, a nonprofit that I helped found on the principles of creating youth leaders from diverse backgrounds. That mission, to foster new leadership styles, is exactly what I see reflected in the new OES student leadership. The goal is to cultivate the diversity of ideas that we have here in order to strengthen our school and to hear new voices, and I think that with these combined voices will come a new passion within our community. I know that next year will be a year of change, which is hard, but I believe that I have the energy, motivation, and ability to help shape that change into something powerful.

Natalie L
Student Body President Candidate

Nothing signals the fast approach of a new year at OES better than election season!  The Dynamics of student government are significantly transforming next year.  The responsibilities of each leadership role are magnifying, and more than any previous year the student body is in need of a leader who has the ability to set an energetic and inclusive tone to the year right from the get-go.  I feel that I, Michael Brock have built up the skills over the past three years of high school through varsity soccer, lacrosse to know how to be a true team player and work with students and faculty towards a common goal.  I have become familiar with the workings of an effective student government through my representation and leadership on Student Council over the past two years.  I have, and will continue to give everyone in the student body the voice they deserve to bring out their inner-aardvark through not only inclusive and extreme social events, but also in positive policy changes that the student body president will have the honor of leading this coming year.  I have a vision of sharing a simply stellar year with each of you starting this fall.
Join me for a year to remember,
Michael B.
Student Body President Candidate

Class of 2014

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lifting Under The Sun by Grace C.

What has been up with Portland these last three weeks? High 70's everyday, not a cloud in the sky? Is this real life? Coleen's G-block Weight lifting class has been taking advantage of the beautiful weather over the past few weeks, running 3-4 laps for 'warm up' at the beginning of class then splitting off to do our individual work outs. It's a waste not to soak in the sun when you can, so two of my work-out buddies and I have been doing interval training.  Since G-block is around 11:00, the sun is out but the air is still cool, so it's probably the optimum temperature for running. After running a mile for 'warm-up' Karen W., Casey J. and I grab some foam mats and do ab workouts on the turf, while little lower schoolers play soccer around us (they have recess during g-block).  We usually do a set of 50 crunches then 50 bicycles.  After we roll over in disgust at our 'out-of-shapeness' we jog a lap around the track, then on our second and third lap, sprint at the straightaways and jog on the curves. By the end of the period, we would have ran roughly 2 miles with core or arm workouts interspersed between laps. My workout buddies and I actually do take advantage of this whole period to exercise, not just because we're afraid of Colleen's wrath when she catches us doing the 'beached whale,' but also because we encourage each other to go those extra 200 meters, or finish up the set of 20 suitcases. I'm certain that by the end of this semester, I'll be in much better shape that I was in the semester and even year before.

Chemical Synthesis by Janine K.

In Chemical Synthesis, we have completed various labs that explore synthesizing and testing the yield of various different products. So far, we have worked with Wintergreen, Asprin, and Bioethanol, and made rockets. In my favorite lab so far this year, we attempted to make soap using various fragrances that were generously donated to the class; however, the pH of the soaps were so high that it could essentially burn skin. But hey, practice makes perfect. (I would like to genuinely apologize to all of the Honors/Regular Chemistry students who use the Chem Lab after G block, the smell is often quite unpleasant and possibly hazardous.)

Flans in Spanish by Elanie F

Flan is a very common dessert in Latin America. It can be served in many different ways, such as with dulce de leche, coco or cheese. The best flan must be smooth with a medium amount of sugar. In Spanish IV class, we recently started an art project which can be done with cooking, and I chose to bake flans as my presentation about South America.
Photo by Elanie F.

I chose the recipe from Venezuela which there is no evaporated milk involved. To serve 6 people, we need 2 eggs, 14 oz of condensed milk, white sugar, and vanilla extract. First of all, heat and stir the sugar on the stove until it turns brown and sticky, pour it to the bottom of the baking dish, make a very thin layer and wait for it to cool down. Then mix the eggs and condensed milk and vanilla until they are mixed evenly. Put the mixture on top of the cooled sugar and bake for about 15 minutes—only an easy 30-minute-process can produce delicious flans!

Photo by Elanie F.
However, though I am pretending to be professional and introducing this flan recipe here, the flans that I served my class were not perfect. Too much sugar at the bottom (so remember, thin layer of sugar!) and I had the problem with putting too much eggs and the top of the flans got overcooked very quickly... So, choose small eggs for baking flans!

What the Wronskian? By Spencer S.

          Differential Equations is the name, insanely long math problems is the game. This semester’s post-calculus math elective, taught by Jeff Gadette, is a mind-bending, frustrating but rewarding lesson in the triumphs and tribulations (mostly tribulations) of applied and advanced uses of calculus. Differential Equations centers on the idea that you have some function, y(x), that combined with itself and its derivatives and other functions can give you a certain result. Given a jumble of y(x), y’(x), other functions of x, etc., all added or multiplied together or more, the goal is to find your one true function, y(x).
            When will we use this in real life, you may ask? Newton’s First Law of Thermodynamics can be written as a differential equation. Population growth of r- and k-strategist organisms can be modeled using a differential equation. Electrical engineers must use differential equations in their work. Students in the differential equations class must use differential equations to pass the class...

What's Going on in Age of X by Adrian G

In Age of Exploration class we are producing a film about the Constitutional Convention.  We will explain how the topic of slavery was discussed at the Convention through reenactment of important scenes.  We will show the documentary to lower-schoolers.   We have to research as a group and write the screenplay as a group.  Hopefully we can finish the film without any major disagreements, as there have been in past years. See the film when we are done with it at the end of the school year.

Film and Video-Hollywood in OES by Otto L.

Horror movies, epic trailers, unintended humor and ridiculous plots. You can do all of that in the Film and Video class, led by Jeffrey Sprague. Every class, after some planning for your film, you go around the campus with a tripod, a camcorder and a group of classmates to film something and make something out of it! Sometimes, you don’t even know what the plot of your film is, but your filming it anyway. After a film has been edited and polished, students in the class gather around each other’s computers to see works of art that everyone had crafted. They share laughs and then some constructive criticism to make each other better filmmakers! Even if you’re not a the best actor, editor or director, it’s a great experience to utilize whatever creativity you have and enjoy doing so!

            P.S.: If any of you saw me crawling and wriggling on the floor in G block sometimes, it was because I was acting. My mental state is perfectly normal.

Here are a couple of examples of the films that Nut C., Jessica W., and I have made in this class:

Picture: Jessica W. and I doing some acting.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Track Insider Update by Spencer S.

           What seemed to be another “growth” year for the track team as a whole has taken some surprising turns going into the home stretch of the season. After six people went to state in 2011, in 2012, only Nick O. and Hannah D. went to state from OES, placing in the top two at districts. Nick, the reigning 1500 and 3000 state champion, seemed to be the only athlete in position to go this year. Lately, other athletes have stepped up and shown that they have a shot at coming in first or second in districts, and advancing to state. The home meet at OES exemplifies the state of the team as a whole, and the growing hope going in to districts on May 17th and 18th at Catlin Gable.