Thursday, September 29, 2011

Beneficial Websites By Lucy

Through the Internet, you can research your history project instantly or contact your friends in a heartbeat. With the tools it offers everyday people, including teens and young adults, people can become not only consumers and subscribers to media but also create their own. For example, a few years back, OES made the switch to the online Google accounts to help students keep track of their assignments and contact their teachers. Now it is easier to contact friends and teachers and stay updated with homework. With the Internet, our computers are not only tools but also connections to people all over the world...

There are a few websites and blogs that I have found in my time on the internet that really strike my interest- both as educational sites and media sharing sites, which also represent the two features of the Internet. The first site for this issue, Vimeo, is a video-sharing site similar to Youtube. However, it focuses centrally on artistic and high-quality videos.

Coolhunting, the second site, is a great blog for those interested in technology. The managers of the site would both upload the pictures of the product and give detailed verbal description to explain it.
The last site, and probably one of the most important, is By answering the simple questions on this site, you can feed hungry people across the world. The website will donate ten grains of rice to the World Food Bank for every correct answer. With a host of different subjects (math, science, language learning and more), playing for even a short amount of time will help those in need. I highly recommend that you check out these sites!

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