Thursday, September 29, 2011

A New Face Around Campus By Owen M.

If Mike Gwaltney is ever late grading one of your papers, I wouldn’t blame him. He was probably training for a triathlon. Competing in soccer all through high school, playing at Cal State, and participating in and training for triathlons year round, Mike Gwaltney is quite the athlete. As a matter of fact, he recently competed in a triathlon in Washington. While many students complain about getting up at 6:30 in order to get to school on time, Mike has probably been up for a couple hours either swimming, running, or biking. Not only could you seek advice from him about triathlons (because he does do some coaching after all), you could also ask him about a new soccer move because he plays indoor soccer for a men’s league in Portland...Many may be asking, “Where did this man come from?” Well, last year, when he wasn’t covering miles via foot, bike, or water, Mike was racking up his sky mileage on a plane, commuting back and forth from L. A. where he taught school, to Portland where his wife lives. Mike decided he wanted to permanently live in Portland, so last year he visited OES in March and applied for a teaching position in the Upper School. He now currently teaches Age of Exploration, U. S. History Research Seminar, Medieval World, and Age of Reason.

An interesting fact: as a teenager, Mike lived in Cartagena Colombia, a well renowned city of world history, so he has a very personal connection to topics studied in the history classes that he teaches. Next time you see Mike, wish him luck on his next triathlon, soccer game, or just give him a friendly hello.

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  1. Owen was not paid for excusing my paper-grading prowess, though it's appreciated. :)