Thursday, September 29, 2011

Player Profile: Zach F. By Aidan T.

Zach F. is no stranger to hard work. As a member of the Tigard High School football team, he balances the academic rigor of OES in addition to being part of the #1 ranked high school football team in the state. Additionally, his exploits on the football field serve as the material for Will MacM.’s weekly installation of “Friday Night Lights”, something that never fails to impress and entertain the high school. Zach has been playing for and involved in the Tigard football program since 4th grade. When I asked Zach how the season was going, he noted, “The team is really coming together as one.” But perhaps the most impressive aspect of Zach’s involvement with the Tigard football team is that he is able to keep up with his schoolwork and participate actively in a high-intensity football program. He noted that the “schools aren’t close to each other. Tigard’s football practice ends when OES’s school day ends; so that means that I come to practice and have to catch up on anything new we learn”. That level of difficulty in even attending practice makes his accomplishments all the more impressive. Zach and the Tigard Tigers play their biggest game of the year this upcoming Friday, the 7th, against Tualatin. Come out and support him!

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