Wednesday, October 19, 2011

24 Hours of Gaming- The Extra Life Charity By Chad D.

In all of my years as a gamer, I have defeated many powerful enemies, from dragons to ghasts to psychotic clowns.  By far the most powerful enemy I have faced, however, was my own body.  From October 15th to October 16th I participated in a charity known as “Extra Life,” where the goal is to obtain sponsorships for playing 24 hours of video games, with the proceeds benefitting local children’s hospitals such as Doernbecher...

For many gamers (including me), the opportunity to play 24 hours of straight video games for a legitimate reason seems too good to be true.  What I found, however, is such a feat is very difficult to completely achieve.  By the time the clock hit 8:00 A.M. I was ready to go, with my laptop powered on, my Steam account connected, and piles of food and soda cans by my side.  I had been planning for the event for many weeks, and had devised a list of goals to try and accomplish during my gaming marathon. 

In the end, however, I came just short of achieving them.  Around twelve or fourteen hours into the marathon my eyes were strained, my wrist hurt and I could feel sleep trying to catch up to me.  I pressed on, however, wiring redstone circuitry in Minecraft and questing to rebuild the ruined city of Kvatch in Oblivion.  On the home stretch of the marathon my eyes began to droop, and before I knew it I was passed out asleep on the couch in my game room.  Although I was unable to complete the 24 hours, I had gone remarkably far without a hint of caffeine in my system, and had accomplished many impressive things, including wiring a construction in Minecraft to explode after a set time is passed.  More importantly, however, I had raised money that would go towards improving the lives of sick children throughout the United States.  To me, that was well worth the trial I had gone through.

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