Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cameron Jack: Art Department Addition Profile By Janine K.

Cameron Jack is many things; a traveler, painter, a chef, a teacher, but the best way to describe him is as an artistic individual, who finds it necessary to be “involved creatively, daily,” whatever the capacity. This may not come as a surprise as Cameron is a new member of the art department faculty and has spearheaded the current fall play.  His qualifications form a tiring long list, which I will attempt to summarize...

He graduated from the Parsons School, taught at Dreamyard and most recently bought a bus and drove it thousands of miles and ended up in Portland.  Cameron described his appreciation of the natural beauty of the northwest as a necessity after indecisively moving back and forth between South Africa and the Mid Atlantic.  After landing in the northwest, he studied at the Western Culinary Institute where he graduated in 2004.  Jack also plays the guitar, sings, and does graphic design for bands.

Cameron first became inspired to devote his life to the arts by his own high school art teacher, who encouraged a specific connection with art that he wishes to communicate to his students.  His first impressions of OES were positive, he describes this school as a “creative community” that is very “accepting of multiple ideas and philosophies.” 

Though he may seem somewhat intimidating, Cameron describes his aptitude for working with inexperienced artists because of his identification with them.  Because he is involved with so many different aspects of art, he understands what it feels like to be a newcomer to a medium, or to art in general; which is encouraging to all students who have not fulfilled their art requirement!

All in all, OES is excited to have this new addition to our community.

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