Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mo Money Mo Copeland By Paul K. and Galen P.

Many in the student body are still getting to know Mo Copeland, the new Head of School, or as one student knows her, “The one with that flip she does with her hair.” Mo is not your average head of school. She was previously the head of school at St. Georges School in Spokane, an even smaller school than OES. Mo says that she’ll “miss being able to know every single family” as intimately now that she’s at a bigger place. Although OES is a bigger school, she has already made a strong impression on the entire faculty...

Faculty members who have met her fondly describe her as warm and approachable, an excellent listener, always on top of things, a hard worker, and committed to being a person to move the school forward. As one teacher puts it, “Everyone wants a piece of Mo!” We were amused by her answer to the question, 'if you were stranded on a desert island, what is one book you would want with you?'  Her answer shed some light on her work ethic. She said she’d bring a science textbook, just because she “might as well learn more” while she there. Even though Mo is always working she still finds the time to enjoy herself. Do not be surprised to peek through her window and see Mo jamming to the Beatles or Dave Matthews while she works.
Away from the office Mo is quite laid back. She is an avid hiker and she loves everything about nature. On a Friday night Mo would be more than happy to go home and watch her favorite movie, Strictly Ballroom. Being a big sports fan, Mo has already been to several OES sports events. According to one student, Mo might be the first Head of School who could easily pull off “wearing the Aardvark costume at one of our sporting events.”
There are many things about Mo that would be impossible to know without talking to her. Did you know if you handed Mo Copeland a unicycle she’d be able to ride it? She can knit and read at the same time. If you give her some time she might be able to add the unicycle also. She was in the newspaper at the age of two when she fell into a well and, thanks to the quick thinking of her older sister, she was rescued. Her real name is Catherine Morris. But maybe the coolest thing about Mo is that she has no objections to our nickname, “Mo Money Mo Copeland.” As more and more students meet Mo, it is clear that OES is leaning more towards Mo money than Mo problems.
The hiring of Mo Copeland has put many minds at ease; she is the perfect person to lead our community forward. Some students haven’t been fortunate enough to meet her yet, and don’t  know what she’s like, but after meeting with her it is clear that it’s not going to take long for all of the student body to gush about her.
It only took us half an hour to feel like we’d already know her, and to affirm that she deserved the initiation ceremony recently held for her. Students should take some time out of their day and meet Mo.  Trust us when we say that you’ll be glad you did.

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