Wednesday, October 19, 2011

StuCo by Grace C.

Ever wondered what happens behind those sacred walls of the StuCo room?  I was given permission to walk through the metal detectors and pat downs in order to attend 20 minutes of their top-secret bi-weekly meetings.  Just kidding. But what happens inside the ‘Oval Office’ of the OES premises is more than just dance and mystery Friday planning….

 In Room 72 of the Language Wing, all the StuCo members (class reps, secretary, treasurer and vice president and president) along with the faculty members Deri and Jordan, sit around the circled setup of desks. 

The day before, when I dropped by to ask for permission to sit in, the StuCo members were sitting on top of the tables, on the windowsills or just walking around and Dylan was fervently trying to cover up some top-secret StuCo information from me. All in all, the 20 second stop by Room 72 was like a quick trip to the zoo. But when I entered the sacred office the next day for the official ‘sit in’ all members sat behind the desks with serious faces and relaxed postures.  Mr. President was at the board writing down the agenda for the meeting, which started with the discussion about time and managing Gathering. 

Manav was requesting that we extend Gathering because Jordan, our Triviamaster, never had time to do his act. For those who hadn’t realized, Gathering is five minutes shorter than last year. I noticed Manav executed his ‘puppy eyes’ look when solemnly requesting a 5 minute extension. A discussion ensued—five minutes affects the schedule in bigger ways than it seems. This serious discussion about  Gathering grew into a broader discussion about the new schedule in general and lasted for a good 20 minutes.  Manav had to pull the cord and asked to move on to another topic on the agenda. 

Overall, just one visit to the StuCo offices made it obvious that the student body picked all of their representatives well.  Each member of the group showed great voice for their grade and school and I, along with most of the other OESians, am excited to see what this new cabinet has in store for us this year!

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