Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Volleyball By Lucy

Some may say that it’s a girly sport, but those who play it beg to differ. Among other injuries, I have broken a finger, gotten a concussion, and been socked in the back of the head with the ball countless times. At OES, we have had a great volleyball season so far this year, with only two losses in league. We recently had our most recent game against De la Salle...
We beat them, but in the second match we learned just how much momentum affects the game of 
volleyball. At the beginning of the second match we had a new lineup that, though similar to our old lineup, was different- I was starting in the front row instead of starting the back row, among other changes. We were not passing well and soon we were down by several points. However, we worked together well as a team and pulled ourselves out of the rut and on the win the set then the match. Because volleyball has a set number of points one must play to, it is extremely important not to let your team fall back by more than three points or so. The varsity volleyball coach, Jacqui Gardner, always tells our team to be the first the eight points, then win from there. Last year’s coach, Peter Fukuchi, told the varsity team something similar as well. He said to play to ten–– and that the team who doesn’t have the lead at that point only has a thirteen percent chance of winning. In that sense, volleyball is a sport played in the first couple of points. Though volleyball is not an endurance sport, it still is a sport all about control of the ball and working together as a team. A serve or a hit could be the turning point of the match. 

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