Wednesday, November 16, 2011

EchOES Forever

The Echoes Upper School Writing Contest is an opportunity for all students in the upper school to submit their writing and let their voices be heard. 

Qualified writers will be reading each contestants' pieces and will ultimately choose a nonfiction, fiction and poetry winner.  Our judges are Herman Asarnow, Robin Cody and Martha Gies.  The contest is a time for students to share this celebrated form of art with their community.  All students are welcomed and encouraged to participate in this celebration!  Find the writer inside of you and submit!  For more information on the contest visit our blog at  

-The Echoes team

The Giving Tree By Elanie F.

The Giving Tree is one of the charity events held at OES around the Thanksgiving Break and Christmas every year. All three divisions, along with the entire faculty, combine their power for good to help the families from another organization get much-needed Christmas gifts. It is a great project run by SLAC and AASK, and people get opportunities to help families in need...

J5 By Nolan P

So this article is going to be a tad bit different from my last two because this time around I’ve asked my fellow Senior, Jackson M., to comment on some of his favorites. Here is the scenario: Jackson is on a desert island and the only thing he has on him is a speaker system and a CD player that holds a few CDs. He has no idea when he will be saved so he has to decide which CDs he is willing to listen to for years on end. Here is his top five list:

Jay – Black Album (2003)
Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)
Queen – Greatest Hits (1981 and a follow up in 1991)
Disturbed – 10,000 Fists (2005)
Kanye West – Late Registration (2005)

More on the music…

Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens...

Ruth Na-rowed the Charles River By Owen M.

Overwhelming, mind-blowing, and astonishing. “How are there this many rowers?” she asks. Before the race, she has time to browse through the crowd, size up her competition, gaze at the “sea of boats” in front of her, and take the whole thing in. But the race is about to start and she focuses. Nothing else matters. The horn blows, and the other 74 boats around her take off...

Volleyball By Janine K.

There is an intense type of tension that takes over the gym as the last set starts.  The audience, suddenly silent, is becoming enveloped in the moment.  Right then and there, the ball is served and the players bounce their way around the court, maneuvering the ball over the net.  If you have not experienced this before, you have never been to a Women’s Volleyball game...

Skrillex Review By Aidan T.

While electronic music has been around, in some form, for decades, it seems to be the preferred dance music of the “Rave Generation”, and after a listen, one can see why. Deep bass lines and crowd participation-friendly melodies seem to be only a few of the myriad of aspects that draw such a dedicated following. The most popular type of electronic music, at least among fans that I’ve encountered, is Dubstep. Identified generally by its incredibly powerful bass lines, Dubstep has a different quality than other electronic music, something that many would describe as “gritty”. When I bought my ticket for Skrillex, a premier electronic music (specifically Dubstep) producer, I was hesitant, as I was not completely familiar with his work. But my friends, who were much more acquainted, assured me that it would be a worthwhile experience, and it was. Before even entering the halls of the Roseland that seem to have absorbed so much of Portland’s youth culture, I could hear the bass reverberating through the entire structure, as the wood and concrete submitted to the overpowering music. An electronic music concert, as I soon learned, is something wholly different from any other genre. While the performer is still present, much more of the focus is on the music and the interactions with others, and I encountered a friendlier atmosphere than I had at previous shows. While looking around at the other attendees, I realized that the average age seemed to be around mine, and that this meeting of people represented more than just a group of kids enjoying a concert. Rather, it was a statement of interest in a certain, specific genre of music, made by our generation as a whole. As the night moved on, I grew more and more accustomed to the new culture that I had encountered, and soon the excitement in the Roseland became tangible. In addition to being able to see Rachael Nedrow perform in such a public forum, the headliner was the real treat. As Skrillex entered the stage, the crowd erupted into screams of excitement, and soon, the music began to play. Dedicated fans, instead of singing along with lyrics, could hum and shout along with the melodies that they knew so well. All in all, it was a great show, in a great venue, and I would recommend giving a change of genre like this a try.

Service in Ecuador By Andrew W.

Here at OES, we like to recognize those students among us who perform outstanding service. Recently, it has come to our attention that a sophomore, Matthew W-A, spent a month of his Summer Vacation in Ecuador working with a service program called VISIONS. Matthew was one of 25 high school students who traveled to Patate, a small Andean town in Ecuador, to do community service in rural villages. They lived and worked in a very different world from what they typically know, engaging in activities that build confidence and offer first-hand knowledge. Over the course of a month, they came to know the people whose lives they are impacting...

Ice Capades By Paul K.

I’ve decided to dip my toe into the world of videogame journalism. Sorry Chad, I know I’m stepping into your territory, but while I wait for you to forgive me I’m going to be throwing all my time into NHL 11. My assumptions about this game were negative, probably because I’m not the biggest hockey fan, but because I’m trying to be an unbiased, professional critic, I gave it a shot...

Lobby Art Project by Lucy

When you look at the lobby of the OES upper school, it’s a modern, almost stark, area. However, one of the things that I look forward to when I am walking through the lobby is looking at the art displays in and around the display case. I also look forward to seeing the smaller ceramic pieces that are displayed there. It’s interesting to watch them change with the months, and it is always surprising to see what the new collection is. One of the coolest parts of these displays is the fact that these collections were created and put together by students and faculty- it really acts as a great way for people in the OES community to see how the arts are involved in our curriculum...

Blue Slide Park by Grace C.

Many parents would prefer dropping you off at the Armory for a showing of a Portland Center Stage production than dropping you and a friend off at the Roseland Theater (located on lower Burnside) on Halloween weekend.  With my parent’s consent this summer, I purchased a ticket for Mac Miller’s Blue Slide Park tour...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Aardvarks Meet the Goats

Goats Vs. English Ivy By Janine K.

OES has welcomed five new members into the community: goats.  Tina, Normal, Janice, Hank and Bambi have been here for about two weeks, on loan from the Horner family farm, under the supervision of Tom Handel.  The purpose of these new furry friends is to eat up garden waste that we have been struggling to deal with.  Weed-whackers and chemicals are no match for blackberries and English Ivy, which has nearly taken over our trails for good...

The War between Painful and Peaceful Memories By: Sophie L.

“No showers for 4 days? EWWW!” shouted one sophomore.

“I would rather go to school on the weekends than go on a backpacking trip!” posted another on Facebook.

Everywhere: on Facebook, in the Great Hall, in the dorms and on the phone, all I heard were complaints about the trip; no one seemed to want to go on the backpacking trip this year. I indeed expected the majority of sophomores to be glad that the weather was gorgeous. But the pretty weather seemed to inspire them to fear the wilderness...

Sophomore Backpacking Trip 2011: The Year of the Mosquito

Albums to Listen To By Nolan P.

So here are another 5 albums to check out. Not necessarily anything in common except that I’ve been listening to these lately… So, here we go:

The Smiths – The Queen is Dead (1986)
Hieroglyphics – Full Circle (2003)
Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Unknown Mortal Orchestra (2011)
Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Return to 36 Chambers: Dirty Version (1995)
The Tallest Man on Earth – The Wild Hunt (2010)...

Alumnae/I Interview By Owen

I pulled into the OES parking lot at 10:45 Saturday morning, still groggy from homecoming the night before. I wiped the sleep out of my eyes one final time, turned the car off, and started to review the recommended questions that I was given, some of which I would ask my interviewee. To be honest, I was a little timid going into the interview. I hadn’t really thought through which questions would push a conversation, and there were some spots in my interview that I had a little trouble steadying the flow, but it was a very enlightening, and interesting experience...

OES Lifers--the Best Kind of Alums

Spirit Week and Homecoming by Galen

People might say that students being at a small school lack the full experience of a big high school. While some might agree, one thing we for sure do better than any big high school is the spirit week. Spirit week is one of the best weeks of school...

Oklahoma by Grace C.

I quickly washed my hair in the girl’s dorm shower and wiped my ‘80’s makeup off my face as Jinny and I rushed to get ready for our Sophomore Culture event.  Many members from the class of 2014 assembled for a dinner of a wide variety of pizzas before rushing onto two yellow school buses that were headed to the Armory to attend a showing of Oklahoma...

Elina Vähälä By Kristen Q.

In September, I met with violinist Elina Vähälä from Finland, who was in Portland to perform with the Oregon Symphony as their soloist. I got the chance to meet her through Jim Fullan, the Vice President of Communications, Marketing, and Sales for the Oregon Symphony. We had a nice chat at the Heathman Hotel, where she stayed during her stay in Portland...

Elina Vähälä playing Bruch's Violin Concerto No. 1

Aidan’s Restaurant Review: Gilda’s Italian Restaurant

A good, rustic, Italian meal is something all too difficult to come by. That’s why, when I stepped into Gilda’s, I had moderate expectations...