Monday, November 7, 2011

Goats Vs. English Ivy By Janine K.

OES has welcomed five new members into the community: goats.  Tina, Normal, Janice, Hank and Bambi have been here for about two weeks, on loan from the Horner family farm, under the supervision of Tom Handel.  The purpose of these new furry friends is to eat up garden waste that we have been struggling to deal with.  Weed-whackers and chemicals are no match for blackberries and English Ivy, which has nearly taken over our trails for good...

The goats are here for a few months on trial, leaving OES with the decision of what to do next.  The school might purchase their own goats if things continue to go well.  The goats are ideal candidates for this kind of cleanup job. They require less work than other animals, they pose little danger (other than their habit of head butting one another), and they’re an Earth-friendly way to battle weeds, ivy and blackberry brambles. Basically, they’re a perfect match with OES.

Tom Handel is looking to form a team to keep the goats going strong in good health, which has received the Robin Schauffler stamp of approval for service hours.  If you are interested, contact Tom Handel via email.  There is a lot of potential for students to become involved, so take advantage of the opportunity to make some furry friends!

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