Monday, November 7, 2011

Aidan’s Restaurant Review: Gilda’s Italian Restaurant

A good, rustic, Italian meal is something all too difficult to come by. That’s why, when I stepped into Gilda’s, I had moderate expectations...
 Gilda’s is a small Italian restaurant situated right by PG&E Park, which provides a perfect spot for dinner. As my family and I walked in, we were greeted with a welcoming aroma of fresh Italian cooking, which accented the warm, comfortable atmosphere beautifully. Feeling far less skeptical after only enjoying the ambience, I was excited to turn to the real substance of the restaurant: its menu. The menu at Gilda’s proved to be no less inviting than my surroundings, and I was astonished at the quality and simplicity of the menu. Reminiscent of my time spent in Italy, the menu contained rustic, classic Italian dishes like Osso Bucco and Linguine ai Frutti di mare. Perhaps the most unexpected treat was the quality of Gilda’s house Caesar salad. While not technically a staple of Italian cuisine, Gilda’s Caesar proved to be something that my entire family could enjoy, and will be an important reason to return. I would recommend the fantastic dining at Gilda’s to anyone after a soccer game, before a night at the theater, or just for someone looking to enjoy classic, quality Italian cooking.

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