Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blue Slide Park by Grace C.

Many parents would prefer dropping you off at the Armory for a showing of a Portland Center Stage production than dropping you and a friend off at the Roseland Theater (located on lower Burnside) on Halloween weekend.  With my parent’s consent this summer, I purchased a ticket for Mac Miller’s Blue Slide Park tour...

Mac Miller, a 19-year-old Pittsburgh-native rapper has, over the course of three years, created a huge fan base without mainstream exposure.  His music has a lot of old-school influences and references to his hometown, Pittsburgh, hanging out with friends and high school life.

As the last weekend of October came around the corner, the excitement and anxiety for my first rap concert built up as my friend I were dropped off in front of the Roseland Theater. When we entered through the doors at 8, the house was already packed. 

After the two opening acts (Casey Veggies and People Under the Stairs), Mac Miller finally came on stage at 9:30.  The area had no chairs so everyone was trying to push themselves as close to the stage as possible. Mac Miller played his most popular songs off his past mix tapes, often pointing his mic to the crowd to include their participation. He also sang some tunes that were already released off of his first upcoming album, Blue Side Park (coming out Nov. 8th).  I was glad that he performed songs that the crowd had already known because I heard that other artists only perform brand new songs that no one had even heard of. 

The highlight of the show, though, was when he pulled out a guitar and started playing some tunes like Free Falling (Tom Petty) and an acoustic version of one of his songs.  He even surprised the crowd and played the guitar behind his back…the crowd went wild. 

From the performance of this concert I could tell that Mac Miller was very appreciative of his fans.  He gave the crowd signed hats and even water (which was very much needed in the packed space)!  The people that Mac Miller is hanging out with in his music videos also back him up on stage and even sell the Mac Miller merchandise at the back of the room. I really appreciated this low-key system of operating his tour, so I all I needed to worry about was just having a great time, which I did!

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