Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ice Capades By Paul K.

I’ve decided to dip my toe into the world of videogame journalism. Sorry Chad, I know I’m stepping into your territory, but while I wait for you to forgive me I’m going to be throwing all my time into NHL 11. My assumptions about this game were negative, probably because I’m not the biggest hockey fan, but because I’m trying to be an unbiased, professional critic, I gave it a shot...

The beginning of the game threw me into some training events that were like ‘babies first steps’ of NHL 11. I finished that quickly, feeling pretty proud of myself, and I started my first game: my Colorado Avalanches vs. the national team of Kazakhstan. I soon figured out that the tutorial does little justice to how difficult the game really was. Kazakhstan was doing circles around me while I was still trying to figure out how to pass. My team looked like a peewee hockey league. Kazakhstan had a true underdog story and was the victor, but it was only 1-0, so I thought I could win the next time. I lost our rematch 2-0 and I decided they must have been cheating. I turned my attention to the Philadelphia Flyers instead. I got killed. The narrator was mirroring my anger with his sassiness; he said my playing was a “no-trick pony.” However frustrating this was, the struggle was still fun and the music was patriotic enough that I still wanted to play. Sure enough, two games later I got my first goal, Ryan Kesler of USA’s national team sent an up close slap shot that bounced off the goalies helmet. I lost the game, but nothing compared to the feeling that scoring gave me, and it was the obscene amount of failed attempts that made it that much better. I fell in love with NHL 11, and I started using terms like deke and wrist rocket without any sense of sarcasm. It is undoubtedly the most fun that I’ve had with any sports game, so everyone that’s looking for a good game or a romp around on ice should pick up NHL 11.

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