Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lobby Art Project by Lucy

When you look at the lobby of the OES upper school, it’s a modern, almost stark, area. However, one of the things that I look forward to when I am walking through the lobby is looking at the art displays in and around the display case. I also look forward to seeing the smaller ceramic pieces that are displayed there. It’s interesting to watch them change with the months, and it is always surprising to see what the new collection is. One of the coolest parts of these displays is the fact that these collections were created and put together by students and faculty- it really acts as a great way for people in the OES community to see how the arts are involved in our curriculum...

I was in one of those classes that created one of the newest pieces to be displayed in the lobby. It was in my C block Graphic Arts class with Sue Jensen. I am still in the middle of this course, and so far we have experimented a huge variety of art forms and media. We have learned about line, from the thin line of a skinny Sharpie to thick black brush-strokes with sumi ink. We also did a unit on cartooning and created our own characters which we are going to share with Lower School students this week. For this project though, we were going to need a form of media different from lines and figures. In order to create the long tapered spikes of text that radiate outward in the piece, we had to go on computers. With Adobe Illustrator, we created colorful shapes with words we had chosen, and then printed them out. Once they were printed, one team painted the four wooden planks that the designs would rest on, and the other painted watercolor paper designs to be cut up and placed alongside the words. Once the piece was assembled the colors and shapes came together well, and I hope that our work will stay up in the lobby for months to come. 

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