Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ruth Na-rowed the Charles River By Owen M.

Overwhelming, mind-blowing, and astonishing. “How are there this many rowers?” she asks. Before the race, she has time to browse through the crowd, size up her competition, gaze at the “sea of boats” in front of her, and take the whole thing in. But the race is about to start and she focuses. Nothing else matters. The horn blows, and the other 74 boats around her take off...

Every year, hundreds of rowing teams, which are divided by age, gender, and so forth, rendezvous in Boston, Massachusetts at the Head of the Charles Regatta for two full days of racing. Ruth said, “This is the biggest Regatta in the world, and one of the biggest sporting events in the world.” The estimated 300,000 people that gather hear could fill up multiple Rose Bowl stadiums. Crowds and fans flood the bridges and waterfronts of the Charles River for three miles. Ruth said, “Sometimes people cheer the name of your rowing club and it snaps you out of your rowing trance for a while. But when I’m rowing, I’m not thinking about anything else. Just the pain. The last mile of the race was so painful!”

You might wonder as to how Ruth became such a rowing celebrity. Ruth started rowing with Rose City Rowing last year. Even though the sports fans at OES wished to see her on the volleyball court this past fall, she’s obviously had a successful season rowing. And since her rowing team qualified in the top 50% at the race this year, they will be heading back to Boston next fall!

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