Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Skrillex Review By Aidan T.

While electronic music has been around, in some form, for decades, it seems to be the preferred dance music of the “Rave Generation”, and after a listen, one can see why. Deep bass lines and crowd participation-friendly melodies seem to be only a few of the myriad of aspects that draw such a dedicated following. The most popular type of electronic music, at least among fans that I’ve encountered, is Dubstep. Identified generally by its incredibly powerful bass lines, Dubstep has a different quality than other electronic music, something that many would describe as “gritty”. When I bought my ticket for Skrillex, a premier electronic music (specifically Dubstep) producer, I was hesitant, as I was not completely familiar with his work. But my friends, who were much more acquainted, assured me that it would be a worthwhile experience, and it was. Before even entering the halls of the Roseland that seem to have absorbed so much of Portland’s youth culture, I could hear the bass reverberating through the entire structure, as the wood and concrete submitted to the overpowering music. An electronic music concert, as I soon learned, is something wholly different from any other genre. While the performer is still present, much more of the focus is on the music and the interactions with others, and I encountered a friendlier atmosphere than I had at previous shows. While looking around at the other attendees, I realized that the average age seemed to be around mine, and that this meeting of people represented more than just a group of kids enjoying a concert. Rather, it was a statement of interest in a certain, specific genre of music, made by our generation as a whole. As the night moved on, I grew more and more accustomed to the new culture that I had encountered, and soon the excitement in the Roseland became tangible. In addition to being able to see Rachael Nedrow perform in such a public forum, the headliner was the real treat. As Skrillex entered the stage, the crowd erupted into screams of excitement, and soon, the music began to play. Dedicated fans, instead of singing along with lyrics, could hum and shout along with the melodies that they knew so well. All in all, it was a great show, in a great venue, and I would recommend giving a change of genre like this a try.

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  1. YEAH!!!! Great article, Aidan!!! I agree, that concert was awesome.