Monday, November 7, 2011

Spirit Week and Homecoming by Galen

People might say that students being at a small school lack the full experience of a big high school. While some might agree, one thing we for sure do better than any big high school is the spirit week. Spirit week is one of the best weeks of school...
StuCo picks a theme for each day of the week, and the student body can dress up as much or as little as they want. At a big school it is easier not to participate because the majority of the kids are usually NOT dressed up. At OES it is much harder to not participate because the school is so small and the majority of the kids ARE dressed up. This year we had some fun new themes for spirit week, including hipster day on Tuesday, and decade day on Wednesday.
Spirit week closes with “Green Day” on Friday, where everyone dresses in as much green and school spirit stuff they own. All this leads to the homecoming games, both the Girls Varsity Soccer and Boys Varsity Soccer teams played hard fought games against Valley Catholic. We may not have football, but there is as much intensity and fan spirit in these games compared to any high school football games. The girls were able to hammer out a 1-0 win against the Valliants, and we are second in league. The boys game that night didn’t go as planned, but we still made first in league. The sidelines of both games were overflowing with OESians, we now can even don the Fighting Aardvarks flag, a gift from last years seniors.
After the games is the culminating event of spirit week, the Homecoming Dance. This year we had the dance in the Middle School commons and had other activities like Ping-Pong, Dance Dance Revolution and video games, which brought  back many memories of Middle School socials. Despite being the first Homecoming Dance with no grinding, everyone still had a great time dancing and getting down. As one senior said, “This is a real creative outlet!” The dance concluded another successful spirit week at OES. Spirit week shows me that this is the time when the student body really becomes united—everyone comes together for sporting events and fun. It doesn’t hurt that we have a very good boys soccer team, girls soccer team, cross-country team, and a rocking good volleyball team that should have gone all the way (you were awesome, by the way). 

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