Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Volleyball By Janine K.

There is an intense type of tension that takes over the gym as the last set starts.  The audience, suddenly silent, is becoming enveloped in the moment.  Right then and there, the ball is served and the players bounce their way around the court, maneuvering the ball over the net.  If you have not experienced this before, you have never been to a Women’s Volleyball game...

Volleyball has gotten quite the ruckus this year.  The team, made up of a handful of seniors; Katie and Alex S., Chloe L. and Tiffany W., Junior Aya T., sophomores Austin G. and Lucy S. and Freshmen Lauren N. and Katie M. have dominated our district.  Though a loss against Blanchet on Saturday closed the season, the team did made it to the playoffs—a great accomplishment.

I like volleyball because it's a game where anything can happen,” Alex S., Volleyball captain, says of the game. “This year the team was really great and I think we really got along well and had great chemistry,” Alex summarizes the year.  “[Losing to Blanchet] was a tough loss” Katie S., captain, states, “but this was probably the most fun I had.”

Looking to next year, though it was a tough loss to Blanchet that left the team retired for the season, team member Lucy S. isn’t getting too upset.  “Really excited” for the next season, Stevens explains that though they did not advance past the first playoff round, they did take a set off Valley, a great accomplishment, especially considering that the Seniors were not present.  Next year, the team will be working hard to advance farther, though their greatest challenge will be “figuring hitters out,” after the graduation of the current senior class.

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