Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dear Harvard by Janine K.

Dear Harvard,

I have heard that you guys are a good college. Your website is so easy to read and it is so organized. Not only this, but the school colors happen to be very flattering to me personally.  Not to mention the fact that the mascot is my spirit animal. I’m pretty sure some famous guy graduated from this college. He went on to graduate school, I’m pretty sure.

I know I might not be the run of the mill Harvard Applicant. I know my GPA may be low, but that’s because I did daily commutes to Guatemala to take care of impoverished children, which did not leave much time for studying. I have a lot of work experience because I have watched every episode of The Office.  I know how to work hard because one time I organized a protest against the SAT.

My philosophy is to be honest and to never tell a lie. To be honest, you guys are my second choice. Yale is pretty cool too. Did you hear that they are an Ivy League?

With Love,


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