Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dear Harvard…By Grace C.

Dear Hahrvard,

I really loves your school. I taked a tour around the campus along with a group of anxious tourists from Asia and I even got sum pix infront of some metal man sitting on a chair. He looks like a leprechaun that came off the Mayflour except I think his hat fit just right because he wasn’t wearing a belt on it.  In fact, he wasn’t even wearing a hat, and hislovely bronze locks were drifting in the wind. But not, because he’s not real and he’s metal. Everyone was petting his foot, so I guess that’s a common etticket on your campus...

 I was able to go into your library and meet your librarian. I even used the proper etticket, which I so quick catch on to, and pet her shoe as a hello. I might press charges on Hahrvard because she kicked my hand away; I gots a scratch. I suggests you to inform her about your etticket, because otherwise you might be de-moated to be fourth on my list of colleges.

I think I is a really good person for your community because of this reasons:
Won) I catch onto cultural rituals fastly
            Too) I went to Kansas to help the endangered Blue Wales
            Tree) I played jingle bells on the piano infront of the President of the U.S.A

(Unlimited Supplements for young Athletes)

Thanx for reeding why I think your skool is too kewl for pilgrims like the metal man.
Best swishes,


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