Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Different Type of Green By Owen M.

In the coming springs of 2012 and 2013, before Martin Winter steps onto the lacrosse field, he’ll perform his pregame rituals, prepare mentally for his game, and slip on his green jersey. But there will be two differences between these seasons. In 2013, Martin Winter probably won’t be playing in the rain, and his green jersey won’t represent OES, it will represent the Division 1 Jacksonville University Lacrosse program.

While all of his classmates were stressing out about college applications this winter, Martin had a chance to relax because he had already been recruited to JU in the fall. He looked at other colleges such as Fairfield, Michigan, Air Force, and Drexel, but he chose Jacksonville because he had a good relationship with the coach, and his lacrosse prowess allowed him to receive an athletic scholarship there. He says, “Being recruited made my college applications process easier and I’m really excited to be playing college lacrosse.” And he should be very excited, because instead of just watching college lacrosse games on television, he’ll be playing against the big-name teams like Towson and Duke.

Martin says that he’ll remember OES lacrosse—especially the strong bonds that were formed with his teammates and the growth that he received from the program. He will not forget these experiences. He still has one season left. And he plans to make it count.

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