Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Flashback: OES VS. Catlin By Kristin Q.

When I walked in right after halftime during the girls’ game, I could feel a high tension that generated an edgy excitement throughout the gym. Catlin Gabel, our long-time athletics rival, took advantage of their familiarity with their own gym while OES impressed fans by quickly adjusting to the surroundings. The action on the court was quite fascinating as well, and there was such sincere sportsmanship coming from our team...

I noticed a lot of OES fans, comprised of students, parents, and teachers, had come out to support the teams and the enthusiasm was maintained throughout the girls’ and the boys’ games. The Catlin side had more or less the same amount of fans as we did, but it felt like our “GO Aardvarks!” cheers for OES could be heard far and wide. Plus, those who were not present cheered vicariously through us, amplified our high spirits, and brought more energy to our side of the court. In addition, our school leader, Mo Copeland, and her husband came to support OES as the girls’ game came to a close.

As we switched gears to the varsity boys’ game, I noticed that OES fans still had some fire and energy saved up. The game started, but right off the bat, our opponents scored two 3-point shots.

Our fans were still as energetic as ever. The sound of our passion and respect for our team resonated throughout the gym. “O-E-S! O-E-S! O-E-S!”
When our team picked up the pace and was on a roll, OES fans roared and applauded like watching a snowball getting bigger and bigger as it rolled down a snowy hill. The snowball had to stop at some point, however, near the end of the 4th quarter we began to come back with multiple 3-pointers and fouls from the other team. Time ran out eventually, and although it was a tough loss, OES fought hard.

Kudos to the OES fans who came out to support OES last Friday night!

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