Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fun College Facts By Elanie F.

Princeton is the only Ivy League school listed from the top twenty colleges that have the best classroom experience. It stood at 9th place for 2010.

There are no Ivy League schools listed for the top twenty colleges that have the best instructors. Davidson College stands as number one.

The University of Florida is ninth in the college rankings for students who study the least outside of class time, and supposedly they have the worst teachers (20th place for Professors with low marks). But the college has the best career services.

 Students at California Institute of Technology spend the most time study outside of class.

Stanford is ranked top for running like butter and none of the Ivy League colleges ranked in the top 10 in that category.

There are no Ivy League schools ranked for “class discussion encouraged.” Class discussions ranked low at a lot of East coast schools. Be ready to get lectured if you are going to the East Coast...

 Schools in the Midwest are also get ranked high in terms of how much teachers lecture in class.

Only Yale and Cornell in the Ivy League are listed in the top 20 for best career services.

Arizona State University is the school with the largest enrollment number in the U.S., but it is ranked 15th for their dorms, which are often described as “dungeons.” We are sorry for their students.

According to the rankings, none of the Ivy League colleges other than Cornell serve good food.

None of the Ivy League colleges are ranked to have good food restaurants around.

Schools with the least beautiful campuses are mostly East Coast schools.

Students in the United States Merchant Marine Academy are the least happy throughout the nation, and the school runs the second least smoothly, but they like their food the most.

Students at Brown are the happiest. Stanford comes in at 4th, and Yale 6th. The rest of Ivy League students are not that happy.

Columbia is the only Ivy League college to be considered to have a great college town.

Penn State has the most beer on campus! They also have the most parties per year!

UC Santa Cruz students widely use marijuana. U of O ranked 15th.

Southern California schools get the most ranks for popular study abroad programs.

From: The Best 371 Colleges published by Princeton Review

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