Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oesians Place at the Northwest Art Exhibit By Sophia T.

Out of forty-five students from Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, three students from OES had their work chosen for the annual round of High School Art Northwest exhibit at George Fox University. They are Antonia E., William S., and Sophia T. 

I was astonished by Antonia’s piece, which was expertly drawn with watercolor pencil and ink pen. This piece depicts a half-human and half-robot person being manufactured or controlled by a highly intellectual machine. I could imagine the story of a human gradually losing their identity due to over-reliance on too much technology. This eventually leads to a human-versus-machine battle. Although the humans won, all the main characters were martyred. Indeed, Antonia, known around here as Tony, was inspired by sci-fi movies, but instead of holding a strong statement in mind before drawing, she just worked and composed throughout the process. Tony said she had no idea how the piece would turn out in the end; it would either be very good or very bad. But, we all know this fantastic drawing won her the honor. Tony also revealed a small secret. The small ink dots on the left shoulders were accidentally spilled ink, but to a viewer, these dots seemed to be perfectly in the right space...

Will’s piece was inspired by a Celtic movie with a scene of a cool fortress. He worked with ink pen for the first time, and as everyone knows, pen and ink can be very challenging and hard to control. But Will did not find it too hard to manage, and he was pleased with the effect. The piece started out well, and so he had more confidence with it. Unlike other submitters who mostly chose their pieces from old works, Will was motivated by the idea that this piece might have the opportunity to join George Fox exhibition. He caught up with the deadline and submitted a fabulous work.

Sophia’s piece (my piece!) is actually a classroom project from Cameron Jack’s drawing class. I painted the background with heavy black paint first, and started the sketching with white colored pencil. Before this project, we had been doing several practice sketches with random objects displayed in the classroom, and I was tired of this practices, so I twisted the project a little and used the same objects provided but then animated them. It was a quick sketch with a lot of fun; however, I was surprised to know that George Fox accepted this piece because another piece that I submitted I had put a lot more effort into, but it was rejected. The title of my piece is “Midnight,” for the two dancing mechanical men reminded me of the story of toys coming alive when the clock strikes twelve, and honestly, some part of me still believe toys do dance around at night when nobody notices.

Congratulate them again for their hard work, and please support them at the opening ceremony held in the Lindgren Gallery in the Ross Center at George Fox University, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm on February 2.

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