Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Remembering Jeannie Rawley By Grace C.

In one word, Jeannie Rawley could be described as “nurturing” says Molly K, “because if there was ever a problem she would always want to make it go away rather than just tell you what was wrong.” 

OES lost a very special teacher over winter break, and students and faculty alike are struggling to make sense of her loss.

Walking into the chapel during activity period, my main purpose was to take a quick picture of the remembrance table for Ms. Rawley and be out. During my trip, however, I learned something new about the third grade teacher that clicked with exactly what Molly meant when she described as “nurturing”. 

As I quietly took several pictures of the table, I noticed the color scheme of it was mainly purple.  I asked Reverend Jennifer Cleveland, who was speaking with a couple of Lower School teachers, if Ms. Rawley’s favorite color was purple.  She replied that she had a cabin by Hood River where she grew lots of lavender.  She made all of the lavender products (dried bunches, bath salts, etc.) sold annually at the art sale from the lavender she grew.  “She was very into the healing properties of lavender,” said Rev. Cleveland. 

After speaking to past students of hers, it was evident that her motherly personality helped her students grow; Nolan P. ‘12 said, “She didn’t let us get away with stupid stuff.”  She never seemed to handle too much. Her plethora of class pets was a remaining memory for all of students.  Her lizards, tree frogs and centipedes were just the beginning of the many pets she took care of. 

Her nurturing soul will never be forgotten in the OES community and she will be greatly missed.

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