Monday, February 13, 2012

Gluten Free By Janine K

When you think gluten free, you think gross, but there are restaurants devoted to proving you wrong. New Cascadia Tradition boasts being “dedicated gluten free” in every cooking and baking endeavor, which has not only earned them novelty but also a dedicated following. Although gluten free has to be appealing for those who have little choice in their diet (like people with Celiac Disease—an autoimmune disease caused by eating gluten), eating a gluten-free diet can often give people relief from the hindrances the body experiences while trying to digest complex carbohydrates, leaving the eater feeling refreshed...

There are many people who suffer from minor digestive issues who do not even know about it. It is said that the symptoms of Celiac Disease are “many and varied.” It is true that although the chances of one having the disease are few, one might just be happy to be eating gluten free. It’s trendy, if nothing else.
            Feeling intrigued?  Gluten-Free Chicken Chili with White Beans, Sweet Potato and Lime is highly recommended as a gluten free source of protein while not being too heavy. Perhaps some of the most surprising gluten free alternatives run in the lines of bread. Yes—you can get gluten-free bread. And lots of it is pretty darn good. So now there is no excuse—eat your heart out, you know, in a healthy way!

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For delicious Gluten Free treats, visit New Cascadia Traditional, 1700 SE 6th Avenue at SE Market (two blocks South of Hawthorne).

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  1. Another wonderful gluten-free restaurant (where my non-GF friends also love the food) is Jade House Cafe in the Sellwood neighborhood. Thai-inspired cuisine and super yummy!