Monday, February 13, 2012

Why Ham and Cheese is the Only Choice for a Sandwich By Andrew W.

 Zupan’s market is undoubtedly an organic institution of Portland.where one can have prepared myriad kinds of sandwiches. I  am here today to tell you how unfortunately inferior all of these lowly options for what to put between two slices of bread are to the czar of sandwiches, the ham and gruyere sandwich...
They say that beauty lies in simplicity, and the prince of pork perfects this precise art. Soft ham and cheese is lovingly dressed with a dash of what I can imagine is only the finest mustard. This entire concoction is laid gently between two halves of a thick slices of bread, or, as the French would say, baguette. Toasted to perfection, the duke of delicacies is removed from the sandwich grill, and always served hot. To serve such a sandwich cold would be an abomination akin to watching an epic action movie blindfolded in a tank of water. And, to all of you who hold different opinions concerning your personal preference in artisanal sandwiches: I respect your opinion. And I wish you a speedy recovery.

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