Thursday, April 5, 2012

Just The Facts By Janine K.

(On March 8, 2012, StuCo and the Leadership Team (Jordan, Deri, Tay, Catherine, Debby S., Deb W., and Kara) met to discuss the Leadership Proposal that the Leadership Team wrote and proposed. The primary purpose of this meeting was to provide an opportunity for StuCo to ask the Leadership Team questions and get a fuller understanding of how, when and why the Leadership Team decided to develop this proposal.)

Many things were discussed in the Student Council meeting held with each of the members of the Leadership Committee and Student Council. The Blophish representatives were shepherded into our press corner, and after logging into our twitter account, the meeting took off.  Everyone is talking about the obvious. Women being represented, the appalled reaction from everyone on the committee from the sexism that the student body has portrayed in the past… You’ve heard it all before. My intentions are to fill readers in on the points of the conversation that may not be as well known...
It’s Not Just About Gender

            Leadership is being stressed in the new proposed initiative. Catherine Molloseau, Grade Dean to the Class of 2014 and science teacher, spoke of the importance of leadership training in the proposal. “You need training to be a leader,” Catherine explained. The leadership committee seconds this call for training, and proposed a StuCo retreat, which would teach members how to lead. This main argument has fostered the need for the prerequisites for future hopeful candidates.

This Proposal is Not Perfect

            Kara realized a quite shocking statement, that not all of the members of the leadership committee were fully convinced that the proposal was without it’s flaws. The submission of the proposal to the student body was not set in stone, it was simply meant to get the conversation started. It has served its purpose.

It’s Not Just About the President

            James L., Treasurer and soon-to-be graduate of 2012, explained that he would appreciate a rotation of the positions within the student council, an idea that was proposed by the committee. “As treasurer, it would be nice to have more people in that position.” It is important to look past the daunting idea of two presidents and ponder how the changes will affect other parts of student council.

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