Thursday, April 5, 2012

My opinion: Girls DO need help to achieve success in today’s world. By Grace C.

I have run for StuCo Rep and class board during my last two years of high school. In that time, only guys were elected for the representative position and only three girls were elected for the class board position…that’s 3 out of 10 class board positions over combined Freshmen and Sophomore years. 

It seems like this uneven gender balance in election positions is only seen in the class of 2014, for I don’t seem to hear any complaints from the other grades; however, the class of 2014 is roughly 25% of the whole high school student body, and in fact has more students in it than the other three grades...

Because of how my grade has functioned over the course of these two years, I believe that in order for a woman to be elected president, a girl and guy should run as a pair for the position of co-presidents.  This strategy reduces the chance that the two co-presidents would butt heads during big discussions and solves the problem of how to achieve gender equality in leadership positions.

I am a student who is planning to run for student body president, but I have always doubted whether I could actually achieve such a position because of the power men seem to hold in our school.  Last year when the two candidates for class rep came down to Michael Brock and me, we actually emailed our class advisor asking if we could represent our class as a pair. I believe Michael is a great representative for our class; however I would have liked to offer my strengths as a leader to the table as well. Our request was vetoed, but to this day, I still think a girl and boy running together would bring a sense of unity to the four grades and various social groups as well as achieve gender equity and more powerful student leadership into the OES community.  

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