Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Reflection on the Leadership Proposal by a Blophish Staff Writer

Why aren’t women elected as student councilor president? Since OES students are equally gender divided, then women and men are theoretically sharing the same possibility to be elected as president. So why aren’t they? Do male students only vote for male candidates and female students only give their ballots to female candidates? If so, then why do male candidates win 88% of elections over the past 25 years?

The answer is apparent--because more men are able to convince people to vote for them; in other words, men are more popular, or they are capable of making themselves popular among the students, which is a crucial charisma component required for a StuCo president. The candidate that wins the election has to convince people that he/she is trustworthy, and that’s enough, regardless of gender.

Will the new system make StuCo more efficient and more representative of the student body? I doubt there will be any difference. But will the new system make people realize the importance of a female voice in leadership? ……I guess so.

On second thought, why don’t we make it three presidents? A male, a female, and an international student. So we all play fair .

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