Monday, April 16, 2012

Statement from StuCo President, Manav K.

As announced in gathering, today StuCo and the leadership team collaborated in defining student leadership. In four and a half hours we were able to get an immense amount of work done, and it was refreshing to see how well the leadership team and StuCo were able to collaborate and find consensuses on really tough issues. Most importantly, everyone was able to agree that our student government should focus more on policy issues rather than social events. For example, this would mean the possibility of a student council leader representing students at board meetings, being in touch with the discipline committee (DC), and even becoming involved with the OES master plan and the development of our school. In addition, either more students would be needed on StuCo for planning dances while other's focused on larger issues, or a separate entity would be created to plan social events.

Though it seems basic, it is extremely hard to involve our student government in policy matters that affect the entire school since the administration is ultimately accountable. However, today was a success in involving students in the administrative process, and it makes a future in which students really influence how the school develops seem tangible. If you have any questions or concerns, any of the members of StuCo or the leadership team would be more than happy to discuss them with you, and I know that we will soon have a student government that reflects the strength, diversity and idiosyncrasies of our student body.

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