Saturday, April 21, 2012

Strategy Games: For the Coolest People Out There by Kristin Q.

This Winterim, I embarked on a heroic quest for intellectual challenge, recreation, and entertainment. Did I get out of my comfort zone? Sure. Did I take dangerous risks? Of course. Did I go bankrupt, power 17 houses across the United States, build castles, and save the world from pandemics? Yes I did. So what did I do? Strategy Games.

Every day, each student in this Winterim would gather in either room 80 or 81 to do some intense thinking. A whole day of thinking did not completely drain us out, since there were great snacks provided by our fearless leaders, Jordan Elliott and John Holloran. Snacks would include: Goldfish, gummy bears, oranges, gluten-free crackers, and more...
In addition, a huge collection of games were set up every day to learn and play. There were not only board games, but also time management games and strategy games involving money, destroying countries, world domination, strategically forming alliances, etc. Here is a list of some of the games we were introduced to: Power Grid, Diplomacy, Risk, Citadels, Carcassonne, Dominion, Pente, Go, and more common games like Monopoly, Guess Who, Chess, and a lot more. 

This experience exercised my collaborative skills and was a true mental challenge. Every day, there was something new to expect and in the end, everyone got to bond with everyone else in this Winterim. Almost every day, at least one new game was opened, learned, and mastered. Honestly, after this Winterim, I know for sure that in the future, I will be able to teach all my colleagues and friends these incredible games and always be the coolest person in a room because I will know how to play a game like Pente or Power Grid.

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