Thursday, April 5, 2012

Student Leadership Proposal Draft Submitted by Aya T.

Purpose: Giving leaders more defined and meaningful roles

Goal : Move from 4 members of the “classboard “ + one grade rep, to one senate rep, one social committee rep, 2 class board members, and one dc rep

Although the number of leaders per grade would stay consistent at 5, each role would have a more defined purpose and goal...

·      Purpose: to discuss issues around school, what should be changed, what should stay consistent
o   Classes
o   Leadership
o   Scheduling
o   Topics in the handbook
·      Head of Senate
o   Run Gathering
o   Make convocation speech
o   Run Senate Meetings
2 Dorm Reps

Social Committee
·      Purpose: plan fun events for students, reduce stress
o   Homecoming
o   Semi- Formal
o   Prom
o   Other events
·      Heads of SC (2)
o   Initiate organization of events
o   Make announcements
o   Run SC meetings
2 Dorm Reps

Class Board Members (2)
·      Plan events for their respective grade
·      Take attendance during class meetings
Disciplinary Committee

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