Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Summary of the Comments Posted in Response to the Original Student Leadership Proposal By Grade C.

Blophish Readers,

There have been over 35 pages of comments posted about the Student Leadership Proposal that the Leadership Team presented a few weeks ago. (The Leadership Team is composed of Deri Bash, Jordan Elliott, Tay MacIntyre, Debby Schauffler, Kara Tambellini, and Deb Walsh.) Grace C. has combed through the comments and summarized them for all of our readers.

Summarizing the comments from the Student Body on the proposal leaked on Blophish

  • ·      There should be more seniors in the StuCo
  • ·      Must look more deeply into the stats of the 3/25 because we don’t know how many women have run.
  • ·      Two chosen ‘co-chairs’ are probably going to butt heads a lot
  • ·      The ‘requirements’ to be eligible to run are hard to achieve. Most leaders of groups are already upperclassmen and by the time they become leaders of a group, it would be too late to run
  • ·      Difficulty finding definite jobs for everyone in Stu-Co without Treasurer/Secretary
  • ·      Freshmen would want to get to know the candidates better before the voting process
  • ·      Middle Schoolers should come in to watch the debate but not to vote (future Freshmen)
  • ·      Some people believe there is not gender equality in the student body, but forcing it upon the student body is not the right choice.
  • ·      It’s a popularity contest and usually guys are president because they seem to have more confidence (based off of Sophomore Class Board)
  • ·      Evaluating a student’s GPA is not a good way to evaluate their leadership eligibility
  • ·      Popular idea: Girl/Boy run as a pair
  • ·      The president spot is not the highest spot of leadership. Girls have shown to show leadership in a majority of clubs and other leadership positions (Class Board, Grade Rep, DC rep)
  • ·      Offensive to girls because they think it is as if the school is ‘catering to [their] gender’.
  • ·      Work on the people not the system. Get to the root of the cause of this proposal in the first place: Wipe out the sense of sexism in the student body
  • ·      ‘Requirements’ talk about sports captains. It’s not appropriate to judge one’s leadership qualities on how fast the run or how high they jump.

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