Saturday, April 21, 2012

Winterim by Sophia T.

I did my Discovery at an architecture firm for my Winterim, and as Lynn Sadler said “Discovery” is to let us peek a little into the realistic adult world. I did and I witnessed a lot during my Discovery—including a little bit of the dark side in my internship there. Monica was a group leader, but because she was absent for a month for having a baby, there was another person in her team who took her place “temporarily.” In the weekly morning meeting, Monica’s group was supposed to give a presentation to report their process on the project they were responsible for. Originally, Audrey, the temporary leader, was going to give the presentation since she was the one who followed the process in the past month, but somehow it was Monica who gave the presentation. However, her information was inadequate and could not answer most questions their boss asked. Teresa (the boss) got really impatient with this group and told them to leave and don’t come back until Monica was “well-prepared.” At first I thought it was obvious that Monica wanted to take back her position and kicked Audrey off, and I thought she aggrieved Audrey. But according to Jojo, who is also on that team, Audrey told Monica she didn’t feel well and wanted Monica to do the presentation instead. Was it possible that everyone except Monica knew that Audrey had ambition to be the leader, and she purposely made Monica look bad in front of Teresa? My head was spinning!  What a complicated adult world!! Xoxo gossip girl!

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