Saturday, April 21, 2012

Winterim: Little Kids Painting Stuff by Janine K

You cannot say you have had interesting life experiences until you find yourself in a kindergarten classroom where a small child is flinging sheets of paper dripping with glue this way and that. Try not getting that stuff on your shoes, and you’ve got yourself a pretty near impossible task. How would I know? Well,  I was a Lower School Intern this year, and while this might sound a little contradictory, it was one of the most fun times I’ve had all year...
As the leader of a project that expressed a recent study of trees in artistic mediums, I learned that paper-mache is the one of the messiest, nastiest, hardest to control substances on earth; but I also witnessed the natural high that comes over small children when they are set loose to complete, well, anything. I understand that this description may depict being a Lower School intern in a negative light, but to be honest, I am so glad I signed up for those chaotic few days. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy spending some time chilling with the future presidents of America? That’s right. These kids are the future. And I taught them how to glue stuff together and how to spell words like “bell,” “bus,” and “cat.” I am an educator.

If I have sold you on this Winterim opportunity, let me tell you some tricks of the trade:  complement the kids as much as possible (you’ll get some new friends), always sit on the floor with them (don’t be THAT kid who is too cool for the carpet), and do not wear nice shoes. Good luck!

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