Thursday, April 5, 2012

Word on the Street By Grace C.

I had the opportunity to talk to several people around the Great Hall about their opinions of the new proposal. My first conversation was with a freshman girl dorm student. She agreed that girls would probably need the help of a tweaked system in order to win a high position like student-body president.

My next conversation was with two sophomore girls who believe that the main role of the president is to organize all the parties. This belief was shared by many of the other people that I talked to. A girl said, “It’s a sexist thing to impose [the proposal]. It’s stupid.” Another student said, “The strongest leaders in the school aren’t in the Student Council, because all they do is plan parties. Instead the  real leaders are those in charge of student-lead clubs.”  Personally, I would have to agree that leading student clubs requires quite a lot of leadership ability.  While everyone in StuCo must attend meetings and arrive on time, a lot of effort is required to keep members of student led clubs informed about meeting days and times, form an agenda for discussion, and keep interest alive.

Finally, I got a chance to talk to some guys about this proposal. They do not agree with the proposal because they believe that girls still are capable of winning.
Some said they had voted for a girl for an elected position before, and that “It’s not a big deal.” On the other hand, the same guys also believe that it is a popularity contest. “I voted for Michael Brock” a sophomore guy said about last year’s sophomore representative election, “because I talked to him more.”

By talking to the people around the Great Hall, I learned that students have a variety of mixed feelings about the proposal.  Many disagreed that girls need help in order to win a high position on the student council, but at the same time, the discussions showed that the student body’s mindset of picking a president based on who can throw the best parties, or who is the most popular, is wrong. 

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