Saturday, May 12, 2012

Aidan T. for President

Aidan T.

This year, the role of StuCo is changing dramatically. Decisions that StuCo makes in the coming year will have a permanent effect on the structure of student government in the school, and greatly affect the dynamic of student representation. Recently, many of the policy changes that we’ve experienced have made students feel that their opinions and feelings have no bearing on the process of making and implementing school-wide policy decisions. Next year, when StuCo begins to amend the structure of student government, students will have an unprecedented opportunity to influence, for the better, the way in which their school runs. If I am elected as president, I’ll make it my utmost priority to make student’s opinions heard in meetings with faculty and division heads, and create more opportunities for students to voice their opinions in a way that enables them to be heard directly by those who run the school. Very simply, my candidacy isn’t just about me serving as president, but rather, I will work hard to make sure that the position of president serves as a voice for the many intelligent opinions and ideas that our student body has to offer. I hope you will all consider me for Upper School President.

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