Saturday, May 12, 2012

Alexander C. for President

Alexander C.

It would be an honor to be elected as our student body president this year.  I believe I would be a great choice for the position because of all the different team and leadership experiences I have held in our school and throughout the community over the years.

As we have all heard, the president position in the near future is shifting to one more focused on policy and by-law updates, as well as assisting the Upper School in designing a new organization chart for student council while maintaining the current fun and excitement in the Upper School.  The most applicable work I have in this area would be the policy work I have done as an Urban Forest Commissioner in Vancouver the past year.  I was just re-elected for another term and have learned first hand what it takes to study, update and implement policy on an all-adult board within a government body.  This work is challenging and I am up to the task.  I value taking the time to hear opinions and not be rushed to conclusion when making important, long lasting changes.  I have direct experience from the Friends of Trees work I have done over the years managing budgets, running meetings with an agenda, and achieving goals on a specific timeline.

Team sports at OES, as well as in the community have taught me about working towards a common goal.  Varsity Track, Lacrosse, US Swimming, US Rowing and US Sailing events have all taught me that the intense practice and work up front has to be done to meet goals.  Student council has a lot of groundwork to do to meet the challenges ahead.

Leading gathering would be an honor each week, along with representing our school in the community.  I believe I would be an excellent representative in this regard and be able to build an incredible team to showcase our school’s strength and talents.

I know that every vote counts and experienced this first hand in last year’s junior class representative election.  Please vote for me.  I will work hard to ensure your voice is heard and that OES continues to be the greatest school in the Northwest.  

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