Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Art of the DJ by Kristin Q

What is DJing? Well, the person with the most information on that topic at OES would be Sam L. ‘13. Sam has DJ’ed for the last two OES dances, so you’ve probably seen him around. While waiting for Sam to respond to a few questions I sent along in an email, I spoke with some of my classmates in my French Culture and Communication class. One of them said, “No matter what you do, if you talk to Sam about DJing, he’s just going to say: I’m a DJ. I’m awesome.”

Check out the interview...

Q: Could you tell our Blophish readers your background in DJing (how did you get started? Why did you get interested in DJing?)?

A: My interest in DJing started when I was in 8th grade when our 8th grade class decided to throw a dance.  We were pretty tight on a budget, so my friend and I decided that we would get the music together.  We ended up borrowing the school's sound system and just using iTunes (from my friends desktop computer we had dragged all the way to the venue!). I had a great time. I loved it, and I wanted to learn more about DJing. I guess that is where it started.

Q: Did you learn how to DJ--did someone mentor you or did you just pick it up on your own?

A: After I decided that I wanted to get into DJing it took a little while to get anywhere. I watched videos on the internet and looked at options for equipment, and ended up buying part of my set-up the summer between 8th grade and freshman year with money that I had saved up from mowing the lawn.  I learned everything by myself through the internet and correspondences with DJs on Youtube.  It took a long time to build up my skill base, but I enjoyed learning everything.

Q: What is the best part about being a DJ?

A: The best part about being a DJ is the music. I have always loved dance music, and being a DJ is just an extension of my interest.  Through being a DJ I have discovered many new artists and genres that are awesome, and DJs get really good deals on music only DJs can get :)

Q: Is there an "art" to being a DJ?

A: I would not say that there is "an art," but it definitely takes talent and skills that have to be learned and practiced ahead of time.  I guess you could say that because every DJ has their own style and technique that DJing is a unique thing to each individual, and that might make it an art. There are also certain aspects, such as beat matching, that require a lot of practice for somebody that has never done them before.

Q: What was it like DJing the last two OES dances?

A: DJing the last two OES dances has been a blast. It is really fun to DJ for my friends and people that I know because they always come up and make requests and ask questions about my equipment.  I have DJed some other events where people really don't dance, but at OES it is great because everybody is out there and is not afraid to do their own thing.  I was nervous before DJing the dances because I thought that something might go wrong, but it didn't so that was also really nice :)

Sam’s DJ name is DJ Fall Line, so check out his Facebook page! Support and like!

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