Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cammie O-F. for Vice President

Cammie O-F.

I’m Cammie O-F. and I would love to be your 2012-2013 Vice-President. I’ve been at OES since 6th grade and want to continue being actively involved in this amazing community. For the past several years, I’ve participated in a wide variety of activities, including my support for and involvement in sports, specifically my contribution in soccer and basketball, which I’ve been the co-captain of since sophomore year. I’ve also participated in MUN since 8th grade and was elected to Class Board in 9th grade. I’m a member of the OES Green Team, the Contemporary Issues Club, and have been a role model and tutor for others through the participation of Lower School Interns and AASK.

My involvement at OES demonstrates my many interests and dedication to this community. I’ve also had the opportunity to get to know a lot of students through these activities, making me a very approachable person. I have the deepest respect for OES and its future, especially since I have a freshman sister who will be at OES for the next three years. Therefore, I believe after all my experience, it is time for me to step up and hold a position that will demonstrate my hard work and commitment. As Vice-President, I promise to be a good listener and represent the student body in a devoted manner. I will do my best to make everyone’s individual voice heard and valued to help restructure and evolve our Student Council for the years to come. And while all of this is important, I will not lose sight of making sure that next year is fun and incredible.

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