Saturday, May 12, 2012

Chris Elliott for Vice President

Chris E.

Hello All!

My name is Chris E. and I am running for the Vice President position of StuCo. Just a quick overview of why I could be a great VP. Since coming to OES in the 5th grade, I have loved how close the OES community is, and would love the opportunity to give back. I feel that I would be able to plan many fun activities (dances, game/movie nights, fun mystery Fridays,) and I believe that I can help solve problems that are in the student body, mainly defining and reforming the role of StuCo to accurately reflect the student body’s values. Finally I feel that I involve myself with every grade, not just my own, which will effectively help me lead the community in the vice presidential role. I believe that I could make a great Vice President and I would be honored if I were elected.

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