Saturday, May 12, 2012

Claire S. for Vice President

Claire S.

This year Student Council is focusing more on policy than social event planning, which means that the decisions made by Student Council are going to affect everyone in the Upper School at a very fundamental level. I want to be Vice President to protect the interests of the students as these changes are being implemented. I firmly believe that change in student governmental structure should be based on ideas that originate from the students and that are approved by the students. I will make myself open to feedback and ideas from the student body throughout this process. On a less serious note, I really want to make sure that despite the big changes being made and the issues being grappled with that people still have a great time next year. I want to bring back some classic mystery Fridays and add new exciting ones as well. Prom and Semi, although not directly under StuCo control, should be a fun and exciting time for the whole student body to come together, so I would make sure that the class boards and StuCo are communicating and working together to facilitate the most awesome experience for everyone.

My Previous Leadership experience Includes:

·      Freshman StuCo representative
·      Member of the Sophomore class board
·      Midwinter Madness committee member
·      Winterim committee member

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