Saturday, May 12, 2012

Galen P. for Secretary

Galen P.

Hi, my name is Galen and I am running for Secretary for the 2012-2013 school year. I feel like I meet the qualifications to be Secretary on the Student Council. One of the main aspects of the position is taking notes in fast-paced environments, such as Gathering and Student Council meetings. I feel like courses such as APUSH have allowed me to take notes quickly and articulately, so that my notes are clear when somebody comes back to read them, months later. A big part of student government next year will be formulating the structure for the new leadership proposal. The leadership proposal will have a lasting impact on the school. I’ve been here a long time: I heard my first opening day commencement speech as an awkward first grader, and through my years, I have seen what works well in the school and what doesn’t. I believe this experience will allow me to bring good ideas before the leadership proposal. I want to help shape a place where I have spent two-thirds of my life, a place that I love. I hope to make the future student government as streamlined and efficient as possible, something that will be useful and appealing to the faculty, but more importantly satisfactory to the students that come after us.

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