Saturday, May 12, 2012

Haley J. for President

Haley J.

My name is Haley J., and I’m running for the office of Student Body President for the 2012-2013 school year. I’m a strong candidate for this position because of my prior and current leadership roles at Oregon Episcopal School. Aside from experience, I’m passionate and excited about the charge given to Student Council to rebuild its’ structure and mission, to become more transparent and better serve our student body.

My role as the Sophomore Class Representative last year was a great opportunity to learn and understand the format and structure of our current Student Council, and the role it plays in our community. Next year, I will work with the student body to help develop higher-level policies, while also maintaining an environment where students can also have fun.

I am currently one of four leaders for the Intercultural Students’ Association, where I strive to build an environment of communication and trust.  I love to help facilitate conversations where we; students from diverse backgrounds can express our thoughts and unique perspectives.

I know that my role as president will require time, dedication, and patience. My goal is to serve the best interests of the individuals who make up our community. I am eager, willing, and flexible to seriously hear and work to make our student voices heard in every facet of decision-making that directly affects us. Your voice is valuable and will shape OES to be truly a local and global force.

Vote Haley J. for Student Body President!

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