Saturday, May 12, 2012

Jordan F. for President

Jordan F.

To the OES Upper School Student Body:

The 2012-2013 school year is a critical period for the OES high school. We are at a point where we must re-imagine and re-interpret the function and responsibility of student representation; we must make important decisions. Together, we will blaze a new trail and establish a legacy for Student Council.  Next year's Student Council will need to be dynamic, passionate, and creative. Specifically, the President must have a vision to guide the future of student government.

Here is my vision, in one word: empowerment. I believe in a student body that is empowered to voice its input and make changes in school policies. I believe in a Student Council that is empowered to honestly and actively represent the interests of the students to the administration, as well as further its reach to different decision-making groups within the School. This vision is the most important element of leadership for next year. It will not only impact the restructuring of Student Council, but also the overall OES experience of students for many generations.

With this vision in mind, as President, I will be flexible, in order to adequately represent the whole student body on all of the issues that Student Council will face over the course of the next year. I am connected to the many diverse segments of the OES student population through strong and consistent involvement in various extra-curricular activities as well as personal outreach; this depth of interaction gives me a very clear understanding of the character of the School, and the collective desires of the Student Body.

The other key component of executive leadership is leadership experience. I have served on my Class Board every year, efficiently and passionately vocalizing the opinions of my classmates to produce both short and long-term benefits to our grade. In addition, I have organizational management experience as the captain of the OES Mock Trial Team, a demanding task which required negotiation and logistics-planning skills. Furthermore, as a 3rd year member of the Winterim Committee and 5th year MUN delegate, I have developed exceptional lobbying, consensus building, and creative problem solving strategies.

Overall, the role of the President is not just to lead, but to serve. My vision and leadership training qualify my candidacy, but my motivation is my desire to serve YOU.

Jordan F.
Class of 2013

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