Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kyle S. for Secretary

Kyle S.
Each student representative is elected not only to fulfill the role of
policy making, but also to fulfill a secondary role.

So what is the secretary's strength supposed to be?

Currently, the conversation between Student Council and the student
body is one-sided. The secretary's job is to communicate the Student
Council's ideas to the student body through note taking during
Gathering and Student Council meetings.

As we move forward towards a new era of student empowerment, increased
student awareness and understanding of issues discussed by Student
Council are necessary. In order for this to happen, I believe that
improved communication is essential to the success of the Student

The most important aspect of communication is listening. This is my
strongest quality. I understand what people are trying to say and am
able to effectively process and communicate their ideas to others.
Instead of waiting for students to come to me, I will proactively seek
student input on every issue.

Next year, as Secretary, I will take on new responsibilities and work
for you, the student body.

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