Saturday, May 12, 2012

Max A. for Treasurer

Max A.

My name is Max A. - thank you for reading my explanation as to why I would be a strong choice for treasurer. For me, a qualified treasurer emphasizes staying organized, being open to suggestions, having ample time to dedicate to the position, and running an enjoyable student store. I have previously created organized budgets for the Robotics activity for the past two years, as well as for many side projects such as the Jewish Union club during lunch, and science research. Outside of school, I have helped guide OES students, as well as participated in internships at large companies, such as NUVEL, a publically traded networking company, to improve my leadership and management skills. I am open to discussion on many different ranging from in person to electronic conversation. I am a responsible and approachable individual who listens to your suggestions. I also hope to use my technological skills to create locations where other students can give up to date feedback on the student store. My knowledge of technology would also allow community members to check the student store inventory online in real time. You would no longer need to walk to the student store to find out your favorite muffin is out of stock. I have both the time and the motivation to create actuate weekly reports, as well as a detailed budget for the year. In addition, I could make numerous trips to store in order to keep the stock of the student store plentiful (not simply limited to the end of the week). Please invest your vote in me for 2012-2013 treasurer!

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