Saturday, May 12, 2012

Paul Marshall K. for Treasurer

Paul Marshall K.

Hello my name Paul Marshall K. and I think I would be an excellent Treasurer next year because I care about the needs and the nutritional well being of the student body. I will make sure students next year are happy with the changes being made so the year runs as smoothly as possible. The rest of next year’s STUCO and I will ensure that we have a long term working strategy for elections, the future STUCO, and the role of students in government. Many of the students that I have talked to are unhappy about one of these things, and many feel that they do not have enough say to change anything. I have felt the same way at times, but I would like to change how these students feel by guaranteeing that every single student has a say about the future of the school, by making policies with STUCO that the student body is proud of, and policies that the student body is happy to be a part of. And of course I will still be continuing the role of the student store manager, I have a lot of ideas for some new cuisine, and I will stock surpluses of the popular items so restocking is less of an issue. I’m also like a ring-leader, I call the shots, so I will keep the hooligans that work the store in line. So vote Paul 2012 if you want a government you can be proud of and an almost world-class restaurant in your school.

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